It is boring as an opponent COM, which does not make errors at all.
An opponent who makes too many errors is boring as well.
Dream Match Tennis VR has COM with "more human-like" AI "SNITE"
which realized natural and realistic play.

At the points where pressure is applied such as Breakpoints, Set points, Match points etc, AI feels the pressure.
On the contrary, if COM is in a pinch, COM's concentration will increase.

Real people are not always in constant condition throughout the match.
There are occasions when every shots enter, sometimes no shots enter.
Unevenness of such condition / concentration is reproduced with reality.
Also, when COM is leading, COM will have some looseness.

Rate such as first serve / unforced error is adjusted to be close to real professional tennis players.

AI is predicting the direction of the serve and passing shot (the shot against the person on the net) you hit.
There is a possibility that it will be predicted if you are hitting the center only
Just because you can take service ace rater easily at the center.

In situations where errors tend to occur, such as
"Hit a fast ball" "Hit against a fast ball" "Hit while running" "Short bounce",
the probability of error increases.
Also, when COM barely reaches at the ball, COM deals with a slice or rob.

There are seven levels of COM, so wide range of players can enjoy the game.

Because Dream Match Tennis VR realistically reproduces the behavior of the ball,
People who are new to tennis or who are not good at sports will still play as it is.
But there should be many people who want to play professional-looking rather than amateur play in the game.
For such a person, Dream Match Tennis VR has a powerful shot assist function.
The strength of the assist can be adjusted almost steplessly.

The game draw the screen 90 times per second.
At 60 FPS, the ball appears to be blurred,
but the game realized a natural and realistic experience by setting it to 90 FPS.

You can choose from 4 movement types - "Auto Teleport", "Auto Real", "Manual Game", "Manual Real"
"Manual Real" which is close to real tennis is recommended.
However, people who feel motion sickness should choose "Auto Teleport".

Auto Teleport The player moves to a place where you can easily hit the ball automatically and instantaneously.
Auto Real The player automatically accelerates and moves to a place where you can easily hit the ball.
Manual Game The player move with a stick.
The speed changes according to the stick angle.
It is a game like movement.
Manual Real The player move with a stick.
It is a way of moving close to reality by acceleration.

There are 3 game modes - "Challenge", "Exhibition", "Practice"

Challenge The player will challenge the 8 rivals in order.
The rivals become gradually stronger.
Exhibition The mode to play only one game by freely selecting characters, court surface, etc.
Practice The mode to practice using the tennis robo.
You can also practice serve.

There are 8 characters to choose. Each has features such as "good spin" and "fast foot".

Ultra high-performance tennis robo, ROBO-T523 which can make various shots.
It is the latest type of 35 years ago. It is a bit rusty.

Model number ROBO-T523
Serial number 19
Maximum shot speed 300km/h
Maximum rotation speed 7000rpm
Power supply 4 AA batteries
Price Priceless

When PS4 Pro is used, the following points are improved.

- Screen resolution increases
- More audience are displayed

* This page's trailer / screenshots use Pro.




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