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【About v1.02】

The patch 1.02 has been released.
Here are the details of the patch.

- Added Sandbox mode.
- Added Hot Online Park ranking.
- Amended the English text.

【Park Management Mode Tips】

Here are the important points of the park management mode.
Please refer to the "CONTROLLER/GUIDE" on the menu of the game as well.

■Fine adjustment of the facility position
You can move a facility slowly by holding the R2 button and pressing the directional button.
You can also move a facility slowly when you zoom in the camera.

■Change the size of a ground type facility
Hold the L2 button and press the directional button to change the size of a ground.

■To place a ground next to another ground
1.Place the ground roughly.
2.Move the pointer to the edge of the ground.
3.Zoom in the camera.
4.Grab the ground before it become immovable.
5.Hold the R2 button and press the directional button.

■Other hints
●Goods shops are important for business. Place some goods shops in the beginning.
●The maximum number of the facilities are limited. Please use the set facilities as possible.

【About PlayStation®VR】

You can play VR mode only in Free Walking mode
which includes rollercoasters, attractions and mini games.
Free Walking is a mode to walk around amusement parks freely,
and it is available in Park Management, Online Park and Sandbox.
With the default setting, some facilities are restricted to use in VR mode,
although you can use them if you change the option.
The following facilities are prohibited to use in VR mode.

●Information Map
●Bumper Car
●Kart in the top camera mode (You can play Kart in the driver camera mode)

■About VR motion sickness

Motion sickness is different with each person.
There is a possibility that you get used to VR and feel less motion sickness after some experiences.

■About walking

When you are walking, you can turn in 45 degree unit or non step.
You can also change the walk speed in the option.

■About headphones

It is recommended to use the headphones or earphones since Rollercoaster Dreams
supports 3D virtual surround sound.
Connect the headphone to the mini jack of PS VR, not the TV.
Asteroid Rally and Asteroid Crisis (mini game) use a BGM with deep bass.
So it is recommended to use bass boost headphones. 

【About PlayStation®4 Pro】

If you play the game with PS4 Pro, there are the following improvements.

●The objects will be displayed further with detailed models.
●The shadow (shadow map) resolution will increase (TV mode).
●4K will be supported (TV mode / when PS VR's power is OFF).