Manage and grow your amusement park. The objective is 0.5 million annual visitors.

■It's easy to make your amusement park!

It is very simple to make amusement parks in Rollercoaster Dreams. Just change the angle of the facility and decide the location and press the X button!

■However, you have to make the amusement park with some thoughts

Although it is easy to place the facilities, this is an amusement park management game. The visitors will not satisfy if you make the amusement park without thoughts. You have to consider the visitor's pathway and convenience. The visitor's behaviors are simulated by the computer. The visitors have parameters like fun, stress, tiredness, hunger, thirsty, call to stool and desire to urinate. If the visitors feel they are not fun or tired, they will go back to their home. It is important to amuse the visitors and avoid them to be stressed. 

■The key is the visitor's voice

You can see the visitor's opinions if you select Park Data. Improve the amusement park considering the opinions like "there are not enough attractions", "there are not enough ticket booth", etc.

■There are many things you have to do

There are many things you have to do as a business manager such as development of attractions and rollercoasters, setting of staff wage, advertisement via the Internet or TV. You can enjoy the feeling of business manager because the account data is made to similar to the fact.

You can see the account data of the span of 1day to 10years.

■Open your amusement park to Online Park!

The end credits will be shown if the annual visitors exceed 0.5 million. But it's not the end of the amusement park. Your amusement park can be open to the public via the Internet! The players from all over the world will visit your amusement park. If your amusement park is rated high, the visitors in the game will increase.

■Free Walking - walk around the amusement park freely

In Free Walking, you can become a visitor and walk around the amusement park freely. You can use almost all facilities. Let's ride rollercoasters and attractions, enjoy the shopping and talk with the visitors. You can also play some attraction mini games!

■Yuzu Fujisaki's songs are used as BGM

You can select Free Walking BGM among about 40 music. The BGM categories are wide, such as pops, rock, jazz and classics. As J-Pop, the songs of Yuzu Fujisaki are used. Yuzu Fujisaki is the up and coming artist.

■Limitless rollercoasters

You can place up to 4 rollercoasters in the amusement park. You can not only design rollercoasters, but also purchase premade rollercoasters. The game has the powerful rollercoaster editor KALMOF, so you can make limitless patterns of rollercoasters. At one glance, 4 screens mode may look difficult, however it is a good method to recognize 3D objects and it is used by many 3D editors.

You can select 1 screen mode by pressing the △ button.

Although trill is important, you have to consider the saftey level as well.

■The difficulty levels are 5

There are 5 difficulty levels in Park Management. So wide range of players (from casual to hard core) can enjoy the game.

The mode to visit the amusement parks which are made by the players from all over the world.
The park lists are the rankings of New, Online Visitors and Online Points (rating). You can rate the parks 5 stars. 

Ride the rollercoasters to the full.

There are wooden rollercoasters as well.

A romantic night amusement park.

The mode to make high score rollercoasters within certain conditions.
This mode is good for players who want to make rollercoasters instantly or learn the basics of making rollercoasters.

■There are 6 levels!

There are 6 levels. You will get awesome present if you get all gold medals of all levels. Aim at the No.1 of the  world rankings!

For Dr.Jet, it is new year every day.

■Break the ballons!

The evaluation is based on trill, safety level and the balloon points. There are 3 kinds of balloons which have different score in the field. Break the balloons and get the points. The balloon points will increase by the train speed and combo.

Create amusement parks without any financial restrictions.
There are additional facilities such as Table & Chair Set, however you cannot place some skyscrapers.
In this mode, you cannot upload your park to Online Park.