In this section, I will introduce online parks which are outstanding or unique.
The game doesn't have a search function. So please find the parks in the rankings such as Online Point.
Find other online parks by yourself since there are many awesome online parks
which are not introduced in this section.

★Tips for riding rollercoasters with PS VR!
When you ride rollercoasters, you should enjoy the sceneries rather than watching the front rail.
Sit straight up in your chair and keep your upper body free to move.
It is a special sensation when you feel you are actually riding the rollercoaster!

This is a collection which is featuring rollercoasters.
Needless to say, rollercoasters are the main attraction of amusement parks!

Park Name:slowly

A chaotic near future amusement park.
It might be appeared in SF movie.
Not only it looks gorgeous, but also the rollercoasters are excellent and polished.
If you have a PS VR, you should ride these rollercoasters at least once.


Park Name:woody

You can enjoy the superb scenery of wooden rollercoasters.
There are slow coaster for viewing and speedy coasters.
There is the third coaster in the back.


Park Name:}-{

There are three high quality rollercoaster's.
As an amusement park, it's festive and complete.


Park Name:Tama Tama Park

There are 2 rollercoaster's with unexpected twists. These are new type rollercoaster's.
You will not splash into the splash pond.


Park Name:Kulu Kulu Park

There are 3 different types of rollercoaster's.
You will roll.


Park Name:Kero Kero Park

There are two high speed rollercoaster's.
Twists are wisely used and you can refresh with the brisk speed.
You will not splash into the splash pond.


Park Name:002

The powerful appearance rollercoasters are located in right of the park.
There are 4 excellent rollercoasters.


Park Name:Hurl World

A fun and closely spaced amusement park.
Although the rollercoasters are rather slow, these have variety and fun.


Park Name:Eorzea

A unique and visional amusement park.
The rollercoasters may cause motion sick
since there are rolling coasters and suspended coaster.


Park Name:GO!! GO!! Youbari

The rollercoaster is very high.
There is an invisible coaster in the back of the main rollercoaster.


Park Name:solaris

There are two authodox and high quarity rollercoasters.


This is a collection for enjoying the scenery.
Unique parks are mainly selected.

Park Name:VR home

A fun amesement park which may exist in real.
Although the rollercoasters are rather short, you can enjoy the well made park scenery.


Park Name:yope

A futristic and romatic amusement park.
Enjoy a romantic night alone.


Park Name:yope2

There are many pipes of the fireworks.
You can flyover in the fireworks.


Park Name:The largest Ferris wheel ??!!

This is a quite unique amesement park.
There is a large maze in the front of the park.



There are rollercoasters with artistic rails.
However, you may feel uncomfortable if you ride these coasters.